gretchening: Cover art for Stars Are Out Tonight, a creepy black-eyed sculptured alien/androgynous bust in black and white (Bowie Alien)
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Okay can we talk about the new David Bowie video??? [personal profile] turtlesoup sent me the link, thank goodness, and now I AM HERE TO HAVE FLAILINGS.

Cover art for Stars Are Out Tonight, a creepy black-eyed sculptured alien/androgynous bust in black and white

From the strangeness, the not-quite-normal of their normalcy... the broken window of the house, the carpeting that's just a little too electric blue (like Swinton's eyeliner), the dead tree... the hairless woman Bowie from Man Who Fell To Earth on the cover of the magazine, which is called 'Pantheon', a bit unusual for a tabloid rag...And that's just the opening credits.

The lyrics about fear of celebrity...the disjointed movement such a hallmark of Bowie videos in the 90s (Hello Spaceboy <3 <3 <3)... Bowie's former selves as androgyne models, the specter of haunting, the seduction and literal ghosting effect of the lens, the final replacement and becoming strange, all of them turning finally to stare at/through us (as the stars do behind their shades in the lyrics)...his alternate universe 'nice' life with Tilda who LOOKS LIKE HIM.

If I had more time before work I'd try to talk about the androgyny, the ways he's deploying gender and normalcy and celebrity, but... damn. That scene where Tilda cuts the raw chicken on the table and he just sits there, Ugh I love it. I'm going to watch it twelve more times.
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